Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines Guidelines for Reviewers: Dos and Don’ts

These review guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please read the guidelines carefully and comply at all times. For verified violation of these guidelines, the team reserves the right to disapprove reviews or other content, remove or lock listings, and deactivate member accounts.

  • Be detailed and objective.
  • Write simply and briefly. Include only relevant information about the product and your personal experience using the product.
  • Where applicable, include feedback on after-sales services or warranties.
  • Please don’t abuse, attack, or threaten fellow reviewers or merchants.
  • Please don’t post personal details such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Please don’t swear and shout. We encourage using tactful and polite language as we want to create and maintain an online environment that upholds proper decorum and respect.
  • Please don’t post external links that are irrelevant or lead to unsafe/offensive websites.
  • Please do not post a review for a product you are affiliated with in any way (e.g., you are an employee, relative, or endorser). We would like to keep reviews unbiased, without having to use overly positive “marketing speak” language. Please do not post advertisement on sales, promotions or other irrelevant marketing content. Our goal is to be a source of feedback based on personal use and experience. Tie-ups and other promotions should be directly coordinated with the team, and will be posted directly in the home page or in the official social media sites.