Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about momsapprove.com.

General FAQs

What is Moms Approve all about?

Moms Approve is an online community for moms, moms-to-be, or for people who want to look up or compare baby products that fit their needs. Here you’ll find tons of honest to goodness reviews by actual users so you can make sure you’re making the right choice when choosing your next baby item.

What products will be included in the Moms Approve catalogue/library?

For our initial run, we are focusing on new mothers or moms of babies aged 0-2 years old. Our website’s product catalogue will list products that cater to this market. We list products that are available in the Philippines, or can be shipped from overseas or online retailers to the Philippines. Likewise, we welcome Philippine-made products for babies, and can be shipped overseas from the Philippines.

For our initial phase, we are listing baby products under the following categories:

  • Baby Gear
  • Bath & Skin Care
  • Diapers & Cleaners
  • Feeding & Nursing
  • Nursery
  • Toys & Entertainment

How will products be rated?

Moms who wish to contribute their own product review will be provided an intuitive template
that includes a standard rating scale of 1-5 stars, and criteria for evaluation, as follows:

  • Ease of use
  • Cost/value for money
  • Hygiene, safety
  • Warranties, after-sales service
  • Truth as advertised

I’m not a mother yet. Will I be allowed to join the Moms Approve community?

Of course! If you’re a mom-to-be or someone who’s looking for a good baby product for a niece, nephew, godchild, or children of close friends, Moms Approve is your perfect source of information.

Do you cater to moms from locations outside of the Philippines?

Yes, we do. Moms Approve operates from the Philippines but as an online community, we welcome all kinds of users who may or may not be based here. Just note, however, that most of our products reviews are of items that are available in the Philippines, are Philippine-made, or are from overseas retailers that can ship to the Philippines.

How will reviews be published?

We have an online editorial team that will screen and approve reviews before we publish them. You can view our posting rules and guidelines posted at the top of our FAQ page.


How can I submit a review for a product?

Moms will be first be required to complete a one-time registration process to be a user/member of the Moms Approve community. Users will need to complete a standard review template, which will then be submitted to the administrators for review, approval, and publishing. Users will receive a notification of their reviews have been approved or disapproved for posting.

Can I still be a member of the community even without submitting any product reviews?

Definitely! Writing or contributing a review will not be required or imposed on the members of this community.

I want to be an active member of the Moms Approve reviewer pool. Is there a minimum/maximum number of reviews that I should post?

We are not imposing a strict target, with considerations for your other responsibilities and day to day activities. Where your schedule permits, you may choose to post a review at your preferred pace, whether it be once a day or several times a week. Once you have completely tested the products, we suggest that you write your review 1 to 3 days afterwards so that the feedback is still fresh in your memory.

Will I be compensated for contributing reviews?

Not at the moment, but our team is working hard to create partnerships and provide incentives for active users of the community.

Will I get product samples to be tested or can I also review baby products that I purchased and currently own?

You can do both. If you volunteer to test a demo unit or sample product, you will receive these products accordingly. You can also post a review of a baby product that you currently own, and share useful feedback to the rest of the community. As well, if you want to post a review for a product that is not yet listed, you may go ahead and be the first to have it listed and post a review for it.


What are the benefits of having our products listed in momsapprove.com?

For manufacturers and merchants, momsapprove.com can be a source of both mileage/exposure and user feedback that can be used as additional customer insight that can support publicity or marketing communications activities.

Are you solely relying on product samples and demo units for your reviews?

No. Aside from soliciting for product samples/demo units from merchants or manufacturers, we are also proactively collating product assets (photos, information, retail price, store listings, etc.) from publicly available sources/domains like corporate websites, online retail sites, press articles, and the like. This way, moms can find product listings, which can also prompt them to post their personal reviews, which in turn will help organically build content over time. Also, moms will also be allowed to post reviews of a new product they have tried if they do not find it listed yet in momsapprove.com.

We are willing to loan demo units or give product samples. How many demo units or product samples are needed from us?

For consumable samples, we may require a minimum of 6 samples for our pool of moms/users to test and review. For devices or non-consumable items, we welcome the allowable quantity you can provide based on your stock or demo unit availability.

Who are the moms that will review our products?

Moms from all walks of life are welcome to join as registered users/reviewers in momsapprove.com. We welcome Filipinas and other nationalities, and moms based in the Philippines and overseas. However, since we operate from the Philippines, we prioritize reviews
of products that are largely available in the Philippines, or from overseas/online retailers who cater to the Philippine market. We are initially targeting moms who currently have children aged 0-2 years old.

Who are the moms that will review our products?

We hope to be a source of unbiased and independent reviews from moms who have first-hand experience and testimonies on the listed products. We reserve the right to refuse or disapprove reviews paid for by merchants or manufacturers. However, momsapprove.com can be a source of rich consumer insight as our goal is to serve as a focal source for moms to share personal feedback and opinions on products.

Can all of our products be featured?

Our website is initially focusing on products that cater to the needs of moms and babies aged 0-2 years old. As long as the product qualifies as such, there is no limit to the products that you can have featured in momsapprove.com.

Can we have or share editorial control over negative reviews?

If reviews do not comply with our posting guidelines, are offensive, irrelevant, are personal attacks, and are only intended to defame brands, they will not be approved for posting.

However, if negative feedback and testimonials are written constructively and objectively, they will still be posted and can be treated as an area for improvement, or as a means to engage with customers (but outside of the momsapprove.com platform).

Can a member of our team join the momsapprove.com community as a mystery user?

We recognize that members of merchants or manufacturing companies of baby products may also be parents themselves who have an interest in what momsapprove.com can offer. They may join the community in their personal capacity, but not as an employee or proprietor of any featured merchant or manufacturer. Users will be authenticated via the one-time registration process, and if they are found to violate this rule, or have affiliated users/dummy account users whose purpose is to troll, incite discord, or offensively engage fellow users, they will be banned from the momsapprove.com community. Further, merchants or manufacturers who wish to engage with customers/users with negative feedback or experiences with their products may do so outside of the momsapprove.com platform.

When will our products be featured?

Depending on the type of product, the time it takes to test it may range from several days to several weeks. For products that will be on loan for testing, we allow moms to road-test products using as much time as they need. Upon finishing their road test of the product, users should post their reviews within 72 hours, to help keep the feedback as current as possible. We understand that motherhood has its share of demands so we do not want to impose strict deadlines to our community, but 72 hours should be a reasonable time frame for moms to post their feedback in momsapprove.com. Our review template is straightforward and should not take too much time for moms/users to complete. Below is the format of our online review template and evaluation criteria:

What if the demo units on loan gets broken during testing? Will the user moms be liable for the damages?

Demo units on loan will be subjected to extensive use, and subsequent wear and tear. The purpose of the product road tests is to check the extent of a product’s use, possible defects, and areas of improvement, Depending on their capacity, merchants/manufacturers may agree to have product warranties covered during the time of the demo unit tests. Users/reviewers and Momsapprove.com will not be liable for any damages, and merchants/ manufacturers agree to bear the risk of possible product damages.

Will we be charged for having our product featured/listed?

For our pilot run, fees will not be charged or collected from merchants or manufacturers who allocate product samples or demo units for corresponding reviews to be posted. However, we welcome freebies, coupons, vouchers, or brand merchandise that may be used as incentives for moms who contribute product reviews.

Can we partner with momsapprove.com to announce product offers, promotional sales, launches, events, and other PR and marketing activities?

Sponsored posts will be accommodated as forms incentives or perks available to the momsapprove.com community, and will be considered on a case to case basis.