About Us

Need help in choosing the right product you need for your little one? Why not get feedback from no less than the ones who know best—moms like you! Our goal is to provide a single source of reviews for an ever-growing listing of motherhood and baby products in nearly 50 categories.

 Whether you are here to browse and compare products, or share feedback on products you have tried first-hand, Moms Approve connects you with your fellow moms to help you with your baby product purchase.

Moms Approve is an independent product review site and does not endorse any single brand. We encourage reviews that are honest, objective, and are based on personal experience. We hope you enjoy our site and being a part of our community!

For Moms

With momsapprove.com, moms can now have a dedicated online source of product information and first-hand user insight that can help with the final selection and purchase of a baby product.

For Manufacturers & Merchants

For manufacturers and merchants, our platform can also be a source of both mileage/exposure and user feedback that can be used as additional inputs for market intelligence.